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La Maison Katz – La Cour du Roy – La Villa K

The property was built in 1906, at the intersection of Avenue de Bâle and Rue de Lectoure, by the German brewers Meyer et Fils de RIEGEL, as a beer depot “RIEGLER Bierablage”.

In the front of the building was the sales shop, in the back the bottling and cold storage.

The beer was cooled in the ice cellar in the rear part of the property, the so-called “turret building”. In the corner niche cut into the grey sandstone above the restaurant is the imposing and majestic statue of King GAMBRINUS.

According to legend, he lived at the time of Charlemagne and invented the art of brewing beer. The Maison Katz was acquired by Sagel (Société d’Economie Mixte Locale d’Aménagement et de Gestion pour le Développement Economique de la Région Ludovicienne) in 2002 at an auction with the aim of rehabilitating it as a hotel restaurant.

The establishment was taken over in 2010 and major work was undertaken to raise the hotel to the level of a four-star hotel.

After the creation of 17 new rooms, a SPA, a bar and a bistro-restaurant on the corner of Rue Lectoure and Avenue de Bâle,

Hotel LA VILLA K opens its doors in June 2011.