Our beauty products

La Villa K Spa has partnered with one leading brand to offer products and treatments tailored to every wish and need.

The products are used during the relaxing treatments and are also available for sale in our shop. Ideal as a gift or to treat yourself!

Matis Paris

Attentive to its consumers, Matis has created formulas suitable for all skin types. These formulas have a solution for every skin issue. These solutions are unique and effective, which extends and supports the treatment efficacy. Matis has a wide range of products, providing the consumer with the brand’s expertise within her own home.

La Sultane de Saba

The Spa of La Villa K invites you to discover its new brand :  La Sultane de Saba

Dedicated to body care, it will make you travel through its destinations.

La Sultane de Saba is a French-made brand whose aim is to encourage you to dream, to travel, to discover distant horizons, by directing you towards the land and the sun, where the body and the spirit find the very essence of relaxation and well-being.

It is a brand that has won numerous awards, twice for the quality and innovation of their environmentally friendly products made with rare organic and natural ingredients.

Their concept is based on the ancient and precious beauty rituals of oriental women :

  • The “Voyage to the Islands” Ritual with its sweet scent of Aloe Vera and Tiaré Flower.
  • The Ritual “Journey to the Road of Delight” with the delicate scent of Orange Blossom.
  • The Ritual ” Voyage sur la Route de Malaisie ” delicately scented with Jasmine.
  • The Ritual ” Voyage Balinais ” with a fresh scent of Lotus and Frangipani Flower.

Come and discover La Sultane de Saba at the Villa K boutique by trying the products directly during the treatments, or by buying them for longer use. You will find various scrubs in different textures, shea butters, beauty oils as well as body mists and milks.

Did you know?

All our products sold in the shop are also available on our online shop.